About Us


Hot Meals, Grocery Shopping, & Food Pantry

YouthHope serves hot, nutritious meals four times per week, provides access to fresh grocery goods for  youth in need, and also offers access to a non-perishable food pantry. YouthHope volunteers collaborate to provide hot, nutritious, ready-to-eat meals at each YouthHope gathering. YouthHope feeds between 70-100 hungry youth at each gathering. No youth is ever turned away and we do not require any registration or formal process to receive meals. 


The Food We Serve

We serve all types of food from pasta dishes to enchiladas. Many times, this meal may be the only nutritious meal that our youth receive that day. The hot meal time provides a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that encourages the youth, YouthHope Case Managers, and volunteers to interact and establish trusting relationships. It is during these meal times that Case Managers often have an opportunity to informally discuss concerns and issues that the youth need assistance with.


Clothing Closet

This program provides youth with clothing throughout the year. YouthHope provides clothing for all seasons; winter, spring, fall, and summer. Youth requiring specific types of clothing for a job interview or summer activity are provided with their specific requirements. In addition to providing outerwear items, we also provide undergarments, socks and other essentials. We do our best to provide clothing that is in-style, so as to protect the  dignity and appearance of our youth.

Youth requiring hygiene items are also provided with necessities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, hair products, feminine hygiene products, and various other essentials.