Continued Education and Job Training



The Continued Education Program was developed to provide youth with the opportunity of completing their high school education, receiving a GED/HiSET, or pursuing secondary educational opportunities. The majority of the youth we serve have not completed their high school education. It is YouthHope's primary focus to assist youth with pursuing their educational goals and at a minimum completing their high school education or receiving a GED/HiSET. Case Managers work diligently with these youth to either reinstate them in high school or to have them work toward receiving a GED/HiSET. This is why we provide bus passes to youth in need. 

If the youth are interested in returning to high school, Case Managers routinely work with school staff and counselors to place the youth in schools and classes that best meet their needs. Should youth choose to work toward their GED/HiSET, YouthHope utilizes its large population of volunteer tutors to provide one-on-one GED tutoring for the youth. YouthHope pays all fees associated with the GED/HiSET tutoring and testing process.

Case Managers have determined that by working with the youth one-on-one, the chances of youth successfully obtaining their GED is much greater. Additionally, the youth who have completed their high-school education or GED and wish to move on to a local college are assisted with the application process, class selection, enrollment, and any other requirements needed. The Continued Education Program also provides limited financial assistance when required. If a student is interested in returning to school but does not have transportation to get there, YouthHope provides monthly bus passes. YouthHope may also provide assistance with books and school supplies or a portion of tuition if needed.


Job Search Assistance and Job Training

This part of our Continued Education and Job Training Program provides youth with the opportunity to pursue a variety of job training programs. YouthHope Foundation provides access and assistance in enrolling in the following institutions: The California Job Corps., C.R. England Truck Driving School, The Job Corp, and the United Technical Institute, among others. If a student is interested in enrolling in a job training or vocational program but does not have the means to travel there, YouthHope will provide monthly bus passes. YouthHope may also provide assistance with books or required materials or a portion of tuition if needed. Additionally, YouthHope will provide appropriate work-related clothing such as boots, gloves, or work pants.

As a part of the Job Training Program, YouthHope Case Managers will assist youth with resume building and writing and also provide assistance with job searches. Case Managers will coach youth on the proper way to present themselves at interviews and will also provide appropriate clothing for interviews.

YouthHope also provides access to online Food Handlers certificate courses for youth who are interested in obtaining employment in retail restaurants. YouthHope pays all fees associated with obtaining a Food Handlers certificate.