Give Where You Live

These community members give where they live by supporting YouthHope with their individual talents. Check out some of these events!

ESRI Skills Class

We are so excited to be partnering with ESRI for a skills class with our youth. Our youth are spending time with ESRI Employee’s to learn about mapping and how they can use it in the future. This is a great opportunity for our youth who don’t have opportunities to take special classes or intern because they don’t have the guidance from their home life. These youth get to work on computers and learn a new skill that they can take with them in their future. Thank you so much ESRI for taking the time to teach our youth and show them that they matter.


Building Renovation

When we acquired our drop-in center, we didn’t know the amount of work that needed to be completed in order for us to open our doors for the youth. With the help of hundreds of community members, we are getting closer and closer to being able to operate out of our building. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped with our renovations. Whether you spent an hour helping, or every weekend this past year, we would not be this far without your help! This is just a small snapshot into the amount of people and hours that have poured their talents into our drop-in center.

A special thanks to:

Door Tech Solutions and labor provided by Ken, Terry and Etienne

Sierra Lath/Plaster and labor provided by Richard, Victoria and Annie

Loma Linda University Health Department

Loma Linda University Communication Network Services and labor provided by: Willard, Manuel, Victor,  Juan, Erin, and Josh

KD Sales and Labor by Carlos, Tom, and Steve

LLU Machine Shop and labor by Annie and Frank

LLU General Maintenance tools loaned to us by Jack, George, Randy, Tom, and Jerry

LLU Electrical Shop tools and labor by Ken, Shane, Pat and Daniel

LLU Landscape Department materials and labor by Gerhard, Bernie, Susana, Chico and Rudy

LLU Paint Shop materials by Behr Paint and support from Elmer

LLU Construction Department labor by Ken, David, Rick, Brad, Tom, John, Stephanie, Cand, Maryann, Gyasi, and Richard.

Navarro Flooring and Tandus Cooporation for Carpet supplies and installation along with Randy Stevens in LLU maintenance.

Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club

Thank you so much Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club for your donation to YouthHope. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to reach as many youth as we do!


Past Pleasures Car Club

We are so thankful for the Past Pleasures Car Club and their generous donation to YouthHope. Thank you for believing in YouthHope and for helping us reach more youth.

Car Show

University of Redlands

The University of Redlands teamed up with other schools located around Southern California and ran a clothes drive for YouthHope. With participation from 400 college students, Youthhope was so blessed by the amount of clothes we received. Thank you students for helping the youth in Redlands. We sure have some world changers that will make this world better.

University of Redlands

Jersey Mike’s

In June, Jersey Mike’s opened a new location in Redlands off of Wabash Ave. and Lugonia. For the first 5 days, they gave free sub sandwiches to anyone that donated to YouthHope. We are overwhelmed by the response of the community and the generosity of Jersey Mike’s. Thank you so much Jersey Mike’s for giving where you live and for supporting YouthHope.

Jersey Mikes

Senator Mike Morrell

Our own Heidi Mayer was recognized by Senator Mike Morrell as a Women of Distinction in October. Thank you Senator for being a supporter of YouthHope and for showing the community all that YouthHope has to offer.

Mike Morrell

Day in the Park

Our Day in the Park Event was such a success! We had a great time seeing families come and enjoy The Car Show, The Games, and supporting YouthHope. A special thanks to Assemblyman Marc Steinorth and Supervisor James Ramos for coming and being a big part of our day. Its so overwhelming to see the support that we receive from around the community. Thank you!

Marc Steinorth Day in the Park 2

Rita Shaw Broker and Associates Inc.

Rita Shaw Broker and Associates Inc. donated to be a sponsor for YouthHope’s Day in the Park Fundraiser happening Sept 12, 2015. This donation is so generous and helpful to make this day happen. Thank you so much for believing in what YouthHope does.

Rita Shaw

International Day Spa

International Day Spa put on a clothing drive to support YouthHope and collected so many articles of clothes to help our youth. They also provided several gift cards to Cucas for our youth. These gift cards will fill the hungry tummies of our youth before they go to school or work and will allow them to focus on becoming self-sufficient instead of worrying about their next meal. Thank you International Day Spa. We are so thankful!

International Day Spa

Boys Trip to Big Bear

3 of our amazing volunteers took a few of our YouthHope boys up to a cabin in Big Bear for the weekend. They had so much fun hiking, swimming, fishing, and just being boys. Here are a few highlights from that trip. A big thanks to RC, Rick, and John for spending your weekend with our boys and for being a positive influence in their life.

Crossfit Awaken in Beaumont

Crossfit Awaken in Beaumont held a silent auction to raise money for YouthHope. They are also working on more ways where they can use their strength to help YouthHope. Thank you Chris Brown and all the members at Crossfit for raising money and looking for ways to impact YouthHope. What an amazing group of people!

crossfit awaken

Jersey Mike’s Fundraiser

We were approached by Jersey Mikes on Lugonia and Wabash in Redlands asking if they could do a fundraiser for YouthHope. They dedicated 100% of their fundraising sales to YouthHope the first 5 days of opening their doors. They invited Heidi to come speak the ribbon cutting night and opened for business the next day. We were AMAZED at the amount of people that came to support YouthHope. Thank you Jersey Mikes! You have made a huge impact and your donations will help so many youth!

Citizens and Valley Baptist Vacation Bible School

Citizens Church in Redlands and Valley Baptist in Yucaipa both had Heidi come and speak at their Vacation Bible School. What a fun thing to see these kids learn about the needs in their communities so they can grow up to be world changers!

Public Defender, Sam Knudsen’s Office

Sam Knudsen and his office donate an entire van full of food each year for YouthHope. It’s enough food to last several months and is so helpful for our youth who do not have any food at home. We are able to let them go “shopping” for food and then take it home to their family! Thank you so much for your help!

East Valley Women’s Council of Realtors Tea Party

The East Valley Women’s Council of Realtors raised money for YouthHope by putting on a tea party. Each table was decorated by a different group of women. It was so fun to see how creative these women are and how hard they worked to make the tea party so beautiful and enjoyable.

YouthHope Golf Tournament

We had such a great turn out at our 3rd annual golf tournament. These great people spent the morning golfing and then ate a delicious lunch and heard about the great things that are happening at YouthHope. Thank you golfers for your support!

Evans & Co 25th Anniversary ReCreations Hair Fashion Show

The amazing team at Evans & Co. put on a beautiful and fun hair fashion show to celebrate their 25th anniversary. All of the proceeds went to YouthHope, which has benefitted so many youth! They even presented Heidi with a plaque honoring one of our fallen youth, Marcus Green. It was such a special evening!