Proud of Our Seniors – Academic Progress

May 1, 2014 – Newsletter Article

Our youth at YouthHope face daily hardships many of us will never experience or can even fully understand. The worry of whether or not your family will be evicted from your home when you get back from school today, the hunger you feel because your guardian couldn’t afford to go to the grocery market, or the emotional tormenting thoughts that go through your mind when you begin to feel that no-one, not even your parents, will take the time to care for you and lend a listening ear. These issues are not only common in the youth we serve, but add to their academic struggles as they try to keep up with school while so much more is happening in their home (or lack thereof).

At YouthHope we strive to meet our youth’s needs so that they can be clear-minded and succeed in school. We believe that their education is one of the most important resources in moving their lives forward. This is why we place such an emphasis on education. It is imperative to raise funds for educational support, such as bus passes, so that our youth can travel to school if it’s too far to walk.

We are all so proud of our youth who work hard to further their education. Gaining a high school diploma is an accomplishment in itself. However, earning it in the environment and lifestyle surroundings that many of our youth encounter, doubles that accomplishment. We have several youth enrolled and ready to attend college next year and we could not be more proud of their great efforts in achieving their goals.

This year, so far, we have distributed over 50 bus passes to youth who are currently enrolled and attending high school or other educational institutes. 7 youth are currently receiving GED tutoring, and 10 are participating in a vocational job program, like CET and our own job training course.

Through this job training course, our youth have been learning the soft skills that work environments require before hiring. Interview skills, resume writing, professional dress codes, the importance of timeliness and job searching tips are all subjects addressed and taught in this course. We are excited to announce that 7 of our youth have fully participated and completed this class and are eager to search for a job in their home city of Redlands. If you own a business or know of a job listing that our youth could apply to, please contact us at

Our youth are moving forward and we are so proud!