Our Services

YouthHope draws youth to our program by providing hot, nutritious meals Monday through Thursday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Each year, YouthHope serves a growing number of homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth. These youth are located from cities throughout the Inland Empire. Youth are initially attracted to these gatherings to receive a meal and/or to access items in our food pantry and clothing closet. However, youth continue to attend these gatherings because they are treated with respect and acceptance by staff and volunteers alike.

During YouthHope gatherings, Case managers are able to interact with the youth, develop trusting relationships, determine their individual needs, and make appropriate referrals to services provided by YouthHope or collaborative partners. Frequently, Case Managers are able to identify and facilitate access to resources that youth may not be aware of or are too intimidated to contact on their own.

Because of the nonjudgmental, caring, and safe environment we provide, YouthHope plays a unique rold in the community by serving as a gateway for underserved youth to access needed services.

Through our One-on-One Case Management Program, YouthHope assesses the individual needs of each youth. This may vary from job search and placement assistance to housing or rehabilitation referrals. In some instances we walk them through the process of obtaining an ID, or a food handlers license in order to get a job. Whatever obstacle our youth may face in moving forward, we work to enable our youth to tackle it and move forward. In this way, our youth grow to become healthy, self-sufficient adults.

YouthHope Provides services through the following four core programs: