The easiest way to support YouthHope.

Welzoo is an online free-funding website that gives to YouthHope based on the amount of Welzoo supporters we gain. Here’s what you do:untitled

1) Go to welzoo.com
2) Click “Start Now”
3) Search “YouthHope Foundation”
4) Type in your e-mail and preferences
5) Make Welzoo your homepage
6) Start making YouthHope money just by using the internet!

The way it works is Welzoo gives 1 cent each time a user goes online, up to 6 cents/supporter daily.

If we gain 50 welzoo supporters we could be raising $28 a day! That’s $840 a month! Please help us reach this goal and make welzoo your homepage as a YouthHope Foundation Supporter!