As Summer Approaches…

June 9, 2014 – Newsletter Article

For many families in Redlands and the surrounding areas,  summer is a time for vacations, pool parties, and outings with friends. Summer is most individuals’ favorite season of the year and it’s a fun time to relax and celebrate the school year ending. However, our youth have a different perspective on summer.

As our youth struggle in school, or move around from city to city, their education is directly affected and they often fall behind. Summer school is their only option in attempting to complete schooling on time. Not only does this season bring more schooling, but as the temperatures rise, it becomes more and more strenuous to get around. Our youth don’t have vehicles—they walk, ride their bikes, and often take the bus. With the heat waves and high temperatures, walking can become unbearable, and it may take hours before they get anywhere, as they need to frequently take breaks in the shade to prevent themselves from   experiencing heat strokes.

Summer temperatures are not the only thing on the rise this year. With the school year coming to a quick end, there is a flux of new youth on the streets lately. We have recently been noticing a common occurrence of the beginning stages of youth homelessness—one in which parents will stop allowing their son or daughter to live in their home once they turn 18. The parent will carry out their financial or parental obligations until age 18, and at that point it is then time for the youth to figure out life on their own and with no safety net—they soon enter street life.

Summer is not only challenging for our youth, but for YouthHope as well. This often becomes a “dead season” of funding, and many forget about us throughout this time. Please keep YouthHope in mind as you embark on your Summer ventures! Please donate to YouthHope and help us keep our services and programs open and available to our youth. They are still on the streets and in search of love and care, the changing of season does not change this.

Thank you for your ongoing support of YouthHope! Please share this newsletter with others and help us gain support as we love on our youth and work to bring nourishment and genuine care for their physical and emotional well-being.