Give Where You Live

You can make an impact by becoming a Volunteer!

There are many ways to volunteer with YouthHope. Please fill out the Volunteer Application so we can get to know you better. All volunteers wishing to work directly with the youth must be 18 years or older unless with a group approved by YouthHope. We encourage communities and groups to try and find a way to get involved with helping YouthHope. It will take the work of many to end the homeless youth crisis.


Food Services

1) Preparing & Delivering Food: Volunteers (individually or as a group) donate the meals we serve to our youth. They help by fixing the meal and delivering during meal-time. This costs approximately $100 and volunteers should bring enough to feed 100 youth.
2) Picking Up Food: YouthHope is given non-perishable food items through a program in San Bernardino. Volunteers are needed to pick up these donations and deliver them to YouthHope.

Health & Well-Being

1) Recreational Activity: Sports, Games, Hikes, Camping
2) Art Therapy: Art, Writing, Music
3) Hobbies & Interests: What are your hobbies? Share your talents with and interests with our youth.



1) Spending Time with Youth in Groups: During meal times volunteers will come and spend time with our youth. This allows the youth to begin a relationship with you which allows them to feel safe and to share their needs. Volunteering in this way requires a long-term commitment as these youth need stability and consistency.
2) Spending One-on-One Time with Youth: This can only be done once you have completed the option above. Spending time with our youth individually involves providing transportation for youth who may need it, and offering support outside of the designated meal times.


1) Set Up & Take Down: Setting up buffet tables, clothing, and food and then putting items away when meal times are completed
2) Clean Up: Clearing trash from vicinity, putting tables and food items away, vacuuming, keep building and grounds neat and tidy after meal times and/or events


1) Office Work: Involves typing, inputting statistical data, printing, and folding brochures and mail-outs
2) Special Events: Passing out advertisements, helping serve, or any other duties that might be involved with special events
3) Fundraising: Consider hosting a Fundraising Event on behalf of YouthHope.  It is a fun and easy way to get involved.  Many local restaurants and businesses are willing to host and/or sponsor fundraisers on behalf of non-profit organizations.  We have also had local churches, sports groups, and volunteer organizations host fundraisers on behalf of YouthHope.  Please contact our Fundraising Coordinator for more information regarding hosting a fundraiser