Youth Stories 2018

When we can’t help, they will

hope-2-2It was Thanksgiving. We were serving our usual Thanksgiving meal at our drop in center. This isn’t the most fun event we do at YouthHope. It’s not a party or even a celebration, its more of a last resort.

Our youth will try and go to ANY thanksgiving get together before they come to YouthHope. They would go to a friends house, a family member they hate, a distant family member, anywhere they can find before coming to our meal.

They want to feel wanted. They want to feel needed. They want to know that they have somewhere to go. This is why they try to find other places.

So when they show up to YouthHope they are hurting. They feel lonely, they feel hurt, they feel unloved. So we spend the day reminding them that they are loved, cared for, and have a bright future.

One young lady came in this past Thanksgiving and was very upset. Her family didn’t want her, she had a boyfriend abusing her, and she had nowhere to go.

She was dropped off in Redlands by her old boss and was told to “figure it out”. She found her way to YouthHope looking for help.

We fed her, talked to her, tried calling her family, and looked for emergency shelters where she could stay the weekend until the holiday was over. Nothing was working. Her family ignored her, shelters were closed for the weekend, and we needed her to get away from her boyfriend.

Heidi gathered some of our core YouthHope youth and sat them down. She explained that they needed to keep her safe through the weekend so we could find her a more permanent shelter after the holiday. They agreed and took her under their wings. They stayed with her, helped her find food, kept her safe as they slept on the streets, and returned her safely after the weekend.

She was able to catch a bus to Florida where distance relatives agreed to take her.

Although sleeping on the street for the weekend wasn’t the ideal place for a young lady, our youth came together and protected her until we were able to help her.

We are so thankful for the way our youth help each other. We are family!