Medical and Counseling Services

Through our YouthCare Program YouthHope provides one-on-one case management, medical, dental, optometry care, as well as counseling & rehab referrals.

One-on-One Case Management:

YouthHope case managers work one-on-one with youth who are interested in moving forward with their lives.  Case managers provide individual services to meet each youth’s specific needs.  If the youth are homeless, case managers provide the youth with options to move forward and exit street life.  Case managers also work with run-away and at-risk youth by providing them with opportunities that meet their specific goals.  Case managers provide services including assisting youth with acquiring access to the Prepared Meals and Food Pantry Program, Clothing Closet and Hygiene Items Program, The Continued Education Program, The Job Training Program, and the Medical, Dental, and Optometric Care Programs.  Case managers also assist youth who require assistance in obtaining services from local and state agencies, such as: obtaining valid identification, Cal-Fresh benefits, SSI benefits, or clearing up minor infractions with the court systems.  Case managers assist the youth with making appointments with these organizations as well as providing transportation to the various agencies. 

YouthHope places an emphasis on education and provides assistance with returning to school when possible or GED preparation, including guidance to those youth who wish to pursue higher education.  Case managers recommend the distribution of funds for school supplies, books, bus passes, and initial fees for the Education & Jobs program for youth who want to continue to pursue educational or job training goals but don’t have the means to do so.

Medical, Dental, & Optometric Care Program:

This program provides youth with access to medical, dental, and optometric care assistance when required.  If the youth have a medical concern, they can sign up to receive services through with a YouthHope Case Manager.  YouthHope Foundation partners with local area physicians to provide services at no-cost to the youth.   Case managers will make the necessary appointments and transport the youth to the appointments.  Many of the youth have not received consistent medical, dental, or optometric care and require several physician visits to address a medical problem.