About Us

YouthHope provides a warm and caring environment where homeless, runaway, and underserved youth can congregate and receive much needed love, hugs, and essential services.

At the onset, YouthHope provides hot, nutritious meals for the youth and access to a food pantry and clothing closet. Case management services are also available as well as access to YouthHope programs and services.
YouthHope provides services through four main programs:

  Continued Education and Job Training
  Medical and Counseling Services
  Food & Clothing Closest 

When youth are ready, YouthHope case managers and volunteers walk them through our various program options and opportunities. Our ultimate mission is to be a support system for homeless and underserved youth so they may grow up to be healthy, successful adults that exit street life. We serve youth ages 14-24 who are homeless, runaway, or at-risk of becoming homeless. We are a certified non-profit organization providing services in the City of Redlands and the surrounding areas of the Inland Empire.

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